SCOTT CROSBY : Advocaat (Brussels) - Solicitor (Scotland)

My practice is founded on the belief that the EU Treaties and the European Convention of Human Rights lay down the common constitutional principles of all Member States of the European Union and ensure that all EU Member States and Council of Europe States share common minimum standards as regards the rule of law and fundamental rights. These are high but attainable standards. My practice is sustained by the fact that from time to time States and Institutions disregard these standards in their legislative, executive and decision making capacities. I believe in the power of the law, operating within the system, to correct such errors.

My clients include : corporations, public utilities, private companies, trade associations, NGOs, European Institutions, governments, consulting firms, other law firms and individuals.

I practise before

  • the General Court of the European Union
  • the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • the European Court of Human Rights
  • Competition regulators at EU and Member State level
  • the Belgian Courts (occasionally in cross-border or international cases and in cases with an EU or ECHR element)
  • UK courts as instructing lawyer

My advocacy and advisory practice covers the following fields:

Competition law

  • compliance
  • cartels
  • abuse of dominance
  • merger control (opposition)
  • civil enforcement (damages)
  • criminal liability

Law of safety

  • environmental protection
  • consumer protection
  • public health protection
  • civil protection
  • fishery protection

Law of public governance

  • transparency
  • limits of competence
  • good administration
  • failure to act

Criminal law

  • VAT and excise fraud
  • corruption
  • intra-EU matters (EAW, MLA)
  • Articles 5 & 6 ECHR
  • environmental crime
  • competition law crime
  • harmonisation of criminal law

Cross-border and international trade law

  • internal market
  • trade law & dumping

Common Foreign and Security Policy law

  • individual sanctions

Human rights law

  • individual
  • corporate
  • collective

Linked activities

  • Legal journalism (constantly)
  • Legal search (occasionally)
  • Legal translation (exceptionally)